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Ali Sardar Jafri

Ali Sardar Jafri was a legendary Urdu poet and a prose writer par excellence. He was closely associa..

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Art and Culture of North-East India

This book pays well deserved attention to various segments of the region and concentrated on past ..

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Art and Culture of Odisha

Odisha has been known for its excellence in art and art forms. This book highlights the colourful v..

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Bihari Satsai :A Commentary

The Satsai (seven hundred verses) is a famous work of the early 17th century by poet Bihari. It con..

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Inscriptions of Ashoka

The book presents the English translation of inscriptions of Mauryan Emperor Asoka.Its objective is..

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Life of Krishna in Indian Art

The life of Krishna and his teachings have had a profound influence on the minds of the Indian peop..

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National Museum Collection : Bidri Ware

Bidri ware derives its name from the town of Bidar now in Karnataka. Bidri ware is famous for the s..

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Rani Rudramadevi

This is the story of Raani Rudramadevi, who ruled Andhra for 40 years in the thirteenth century. She..

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Rashtrapati BhavanThe story of the President’s House

Rashtrapati Bhavan is a widely acclaimed masterpiece of architecture, the crowning achievement of ..

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Some Aspects of Indian Culture

The book contains 4 colour plates, 142 monochrome illustrations and seven line drawings depicting ..

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The Gita Govinda of Shri Jayadev

The book highlights the living traditions of Gita Govinda in present day Odisha .The widely acclai..

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World of Other Faces : Indian Masks

This oblong book printed on art paper with an attractive album size cover contains coloured illustra..

Rs 75.00 Ex Tax: Rs 75.00

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